Control panel indicators

Control panel indicators

This document provides a listing of common control panel buttons and LED indicators on Supermicro server chassis. Most systems will have at least both of the power and reset buttons, but not all systems will have each of the LED indicators, as some indicators combine multiple functions or replace indicators seen on other chassis.

Control panel buttons:

  • Reset: The reset button is used to reboot the system.

  • Power: The main power button is used to apply or remove power from the power
    supply to the server system. Turning off system power with this button removes
    the main power but keeps standby power supplied to the system. Therefore, you
    must unplug system before servicing.

Control panel LEDs

  • Power failure: When this LED flashes, it indicates a failure in the redundant power

  • Overheat/Fan failure: When this LED flashes, it indicates a failure in the redundant power supply. When continuously on (not flashing) it indicates an overheat condition. 

  • Informational LED: When this LED is blue and continuously on, it indicates that the UID function has been activated. When this LED is red and flashing, it indicates a fan failure. When this LED is red and continuously on, it indicates overheating. 

  • NIC1: Indicates network activity on GLAN1 when flashing. 

  • NIC2: : Indicates network activity on GLAN2 when flashing. 

  • HDD: Indicates IDE channel activity. SAS/SATA drive, and/or DVD-ROM drive
    activity when flashing.

  • Power status: Indicates power is being supplied to the system's power supply units.
    This LED should normally be illuminated when the system is operating.
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