Failed HDD Replacement Instructions

Failed HDD Replacement Instructions

  1. From Nexenta Management Console (NMC) check the status of your pools
    1. $ zpool status
      1. Find the faulted HDD and record the worldwide number (WWN) of the HDD, and the name of the pool it resides in. You will use the WWN to identify this HDD later
      2. An example WWN is: c0t5000C500409B091Bd0
  2. Offline the HDD using it’s WWN recorded above
    1. $ setup volume <POOL> offline-lun <WWN>
  3. Clear the pool errors
    1. $ setup volume <POOL> clear-errors
      1. The faulted HDD should now show as OFFLINE
      2. If the HDD shows as UNAVAIL, SSH as root to the second head node and use that node for steps 4 and 5
  4. Find the HDD by it's WWN and record the JBOD and slot it is in
    1. $ show lun slotmap | grep -i <WWN>
  5. Blink the HDD to prepare it for removal
    1. $ show lun <WWN> blink -y
      1. The HDD should now be blinking red in the JBOD
  6. Physically remove the blinking (red) HDD from the JBOD
  7. Physically insert the replacement HDD into the same slot
  8. Press CTRL-C to interrupt blinking of the HDD
  9. Rescan the HDD’s in the system
    1. $ lunsync -r -y
      1. For StorCore 104 HA Clusters, run this on both head nodes
  10. Replace the faulted HDD with the replacement via NMC
    1. $ setup volume <POOL> replace-lun -o <WWN>
      1. For StorCore 104 HA Clusters, run this on the active head node
      2. Select the HDD (LUN) to use as a replacement
      3. You will be prompted with available HDDs not currently assigned to a pool, cache, or hotspare
  11. Verify the disk is resilvering
    1. $ show volume <POOL> status





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