Fan alerts in MegaRAID Storage Manager

Fan alerts in MegaRAID Storage Manager

Q: My RAID controller is reporting fan failures, but the system appears to be functioning just fine. Why is this happening?

A: The RAID controller is reading those statuses from the backplane. This is normal behavior if you have recently installed a new RAID controller as an upgrade.

This occurs because our default configuration manages the fans and power supplies through the motherboard and IPMI, so the headers on the backplane are not connected, leading to false alarms. You can simply choose to ignore these alerts.
To disable fan failure alerts in MegaRAID Storage Manager, perform the following:

Tools > Configure Alerts > Change Individual Events
Uncheck all Alert Delivery messages for the following ID's:

ID Description
170 Fan removed on enclosure
169 Fan inserted on enclosure
168 Fan failed on enclosure

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