How to replace a failed HDD using sas2ircu

How to replace a failed HDD using sas2ircu

1. Run as root:

# zpool offline data2 <BAD WWN>

2. Remove the failed disk, then insert the replacement. Wait at least 20 seconds for the drive to initialize.

3. Run as root:

# devfsadm -Cv

This rescans and removes old dangling device links from the kernel

4. To get the new drive's serial: (replace “2” and slot “9” with the proper enclosure and slot

# sas2ircu 0 DISPLAY | sed -e '/Enclosure #.*2/,/Drive Type/!d' | awk '/Slot.*9/ {for(i=1; i<=7; i++) {getline; print}}' | grep "Serial No"

5. Then, with the serial, run this command to get the WWN: (replace <SERIAL> with drive serial)

# iostat -En | awk '/<SERIAL>/ {print line} {line = $0}' | awk '/c.*/ {print $1}'

6. Replace the failed disk with the new one:

# zpool replace <BAD WWN> <NEW WWN>

7. Run a zpool status to check if the replacement is resilvering:

# zpool status

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