Installing a GUI on Ubuntu Server 15.04

Installing a GUI on Ubuntu Server 15.04

You have just received your new server running Ubuntu 15.04 and realize that you would now like to have a GUI installed instead of using it through the command line all the time.


Here is what you do.


1. Update the server and enter password


2. Upgrade the system


3. When prompted, hit 'y' to install the upgrade.


4. Once the upgrade is complete time to install the GUI. Type in 'tasksel' and hit enter.


5. At the default window the comes up, use your arrow keys to navigate up and down. 


6. Arrow down until you find the Ubuntu Desktop option. Use the 'Space' bar to select the option you want. In this case, just select 'Ubuntu Desktop'.


7. Use the 'TAB' key to tab over to the 'Ok' button then hit enter.


8. Let the GUI install.  Installation times may vary depending on your connection speed.


9. Once finished.  Reboot the server for the GUI to take effect.


10.  Log in with your new GUI.


If you have an NVidia card installed that is not a CUDA card, you may use the Restricted Drivers option to install your NVidia drivers.  


1. Open System settings.


2.  Click on 'Software & Updates'.  Then click on the 'Additional Drivers' tab and select your NVidia driver you would like to use.