Locating failed drives

Locating failed drives

Q: I need to remove a failed drive from my array, but I’m not sure which slot it resides in. How can I physically identify the failed disk?

A: The faulted drive should be automatically marked with the red fault light. If this did not occur automatically, or if you are running a test, you can manually use the locate commands from your preferred management utility to blink the red fault light.

# MegaCli64 -PdLocate <-start | -stop> -physdrv[e:s] -aN

# storcli64 /cx/ex/sx <start | stop> locate

MegaRAID Storage Manager
Right click on the drive and select Locate from the context menu.

Make sure to explicitly stop the locate after you have identified the drive, otherwise the fault light will continue to stay lit.

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