LSI controller model and serial

LSI controller model and serial

Q: How do I determine my RAID controller model and serial number?

A: For LSI MegaRAID series controllers, this information can be obtained using any of LSI's MegaRAID management utilities. If using a LSI SAS HBA, you can use the utilities sas2flash (6Gb/s controllers) or sas3flash (12 Gb/s controllers).

MegaRAID Controllers



  • # storcli /cx show all | grep 'Model = \|Serial Number = '


  • # storcli /cx/bbu show all



  • # MegaCli adpallinfo aN | grep 'Product Name\|Serial No'


  • # MegaCli adpbbucmd aN | grep 'BatteryType\|Serial Number'

MegaRAID Storage Manager

From the Physical tab, left click on the controller icon in the left pane, which will display detailed information in the right pane. This is also applicable to the BBU.




  • # sas2flash -list | grep 'NVDATA Product ID'
  • # sas2flash -list | grep 'Board Tracer Number'


If the system is down, you can find the serial number printed on a sticker on the controller. Serial numbers are usually 10 characters long.

Example controller serial and model:


Example BBU serial and model:


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