Viewing Tickets and Profile

Viewing Tickets and Profile

After you have created an account and password with Silicon Mechanics Support, you will be able to view tickets and edit profile information for your account in the Help Center portal.

To view tickets, click on "My activities" in the upper right of the Help Center, or click on your user name and select "My activities" from the drop-down menu.

Tickets are split into two groups, by "My requests" and "Requests I'm CC'd on". The "My requests" category displays tickets submitted by your user account, using either the Help Center, or directly via e-mail. Our ticketing system automatically detects e-mail requests from your stored e-mail address and will add them to "My activities" upon creation.

To edit your profile, click on your user name and select "Edit my profile". Currently users are only given the option to edit Name, Avatar, and Phone fields.

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