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            How to Install SuperDoctor on Linux

            1. Download latest version of SuperDoctor from Supermicro's website:
            2. Unzip the archive after it has finished downloading.
            3. Locate the SuperDoctor5Installer[...].bin file and rename it to SuperDoctor5Installer_5.4.0_build, or something similar, removing the ".bin" suffix:
              sudo mv SuperDoctor5Installer_5.4.0_build.703_linux_x64_20160629131648.bin SuperDoctor5Installer_5.4.0_build
            4. Next, make the Installer file executable:
              sudo chmod u+x SuperDoctor5Installer_5.4.0_build
            5. Finally, run the installer (sudo, or as root):
              sudo ./SuperDoctor5Installer_5.4.0_build
            6. Follow the prompts in the Installer to set up and install SuperDoctor. For additional notes, see the SuperDoctor5_UserGuide.pdf contained in the .zip archive.
            7. If you'd like to enable SNMP fuctionality, follow the instructions provided for your distribution (see below)
            8. If you opted to enable the Web GUI, you may now access your SuperDoctor install by visiting http://localhost:8181. The username/password is ADMIN/ADMIN.

            SuperDoctor 5 SNMP extension configuration steps:

            Do the following to enable the SNMP function provided by SuperDoctor 5:

            1. As root, add the following line into the file /etc/snmp/snmpd.conf using 'echo':
              echo "pass  .  /opt/Supermicro/SuperDoctor5/libs/native/snmpagent" > /etc/snmp/snmpd.conf
            2. Restart the SNMP service:
              sudo service snmpd restart
            3. For Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.x, use the following command to allow the SNMP extension to access hardware resources:
              sudo setsebool -P snmpd_disable_trans=1
            4. For Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.x, open /etc/selinux/config file and replace "SELINUX=enforcing" with "SELINUX=disabled".
            Updated: 20 Feb 2018 02:21 AM
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